Pickleball is alive and well in Sun Lakes.  So many members are enjoying this great Arizona weather and getting out there and playing pickleball.

Please remember to maintain safe standards by distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands.  We hope that soon we will be able to get back to having our socials.

We might not have parties at this time, but we can still have our friendly, helpful, welcoming attitudes at the courts which will assure members will have fun playing.  After all, isn't that what its all about. 


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sun lakes country club Pickleball club


The pickleball courts at Sun Lakes Country Club are available to HOA#1 residents, their guests, and SLCC Pickleball Club members.  

SLCCPC encourages and promotes a fun and social atmosphere where club members of all skill levels can enjoy playing pickleball.  Our Club offers clinics and lessons to learn and improve pickleball skills. We have socials with fun activities, great food, and opportunities to meet new friends.  Pickleball is a fun, easy sport to learn! Come swing a paddle with us and enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in America.

Our courts are open from 6am - 9pm everyday. Club play is on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 8am - 9 pm, and on Wednesday from 5pm - 9pm.

As a member, you have access to sign up on our HOLDMYCOURT reservation system.You'll have the ability to reserve a court for play during club time, and be able to see when other players are at the court during our Club's open "All Level" play where we mix it up and play with members of all abilities . 

As a club we want to promote the love of the game and encourage cooperation and consideration among all players when using this wonderful facility at Sun Lakes Country Club.

If you have any questions about our club, you can contact us at slccpc.yolasite@gmail.com


If you are interested in joining SLCCPC , please complete the application below.  SLCCPC Dues Schedule:  To join our club, the initial fee is $45.00 ($25 one-time initiation fee and $20 annual dues).  Residents of HOA#2 and #3 would have an additional fee to HOA#1.  That is currently $150.

If you live in IronsOaks or Cottonwood/Palo Verde, you can email us to find out if we are accepting applications from non-HOA1 residents.  

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Court Time

The pickleball courts are open from 6 am to 9 pm daily.  Any HOA#1 resident, their guests, and SLCCPC members have use of the courts during open play

Open play is Sunday 6am-8am, Monday 6am-9pm, Tuesday 6am-8am, Wednesday 6am-5pm, Thursday 6am-9pm, Friday 6am-8am, and Saturday from 6am-9pm. Play is on a first come first serve basis.  HOA policy allows 1 1/2 hours court time if there is a waiting list.  There is a white binder in the pavilion for sign-up during open play.

Club play: Sun Lakes Country Club Pickleball Club has priority use of the courts on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday from 8am-9pm, and Wednesday from 5pm-9pm. Club members can use the on-line reservation system found on the "members only" page. 


Court lights must be turned off by 9:00 pm.  The temporary nets must be returned to their storage location .  If divider nets are used they must be put away and secured.  Chairs and tables should be orderly and the area litter free. Pavilion lights and fans should be turned off. Proper attire must be worn, including court shoes.  Complete HOA#1 Policies and Rules and the Club's Code of Conduct and Mission Statement are found in the Members Only section. Thanks for keeping our courts safe and clean for all to enjoy.

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